What’s Good about the Seiko Monster?

The Japanese brand surely knows what they are doing when it comes to dive watches. Indeed, the Seiko Monster is currently brimming with advantages and features. Aside from its exterior, here are a number of reasons why the Monster is well worth getting. The Seiko Monster is affordable. Compared to other men dive watches, the Seiko Monster is well within reach in terms of price. In reality, some of its own models are even cheaper than entry-level ones. With that said, the Monster leaves an excellent investment when you’re collecting Seiko watches or dive watches in general.The lume is amazing.
The Dragon versions have LumiBrite in their hour mark as previously mentioned. The Japanese brand claims that it is shinier and brighter compared to other luminous paints. Aside from that, it does not contain radioactive substances, ensuring safety for the wearer.It uses movements that are dependable.Each watch in the Seiko Dragon collection utilizes one of those Seiko moves. The 6R15, Notably, the 7S26, 7S36, 4R36, and ultimately. Each of these movements are dependable, precise, and durable.Aside from that, parts for all these calibres are simple to discover. Thus, making them very easy to repair and keep.