Which of these skeleton watches do YOU prefer?

The design of the hollow watch is very appealing to me. This dial is a reflection on beauty and visual contrast. It will be more compatible with cutting-edge watchmaking than traditional watchmaking. This design watch is my favorite, but it can be difficult for brands to create a skeleton watch. Today, I’ll show you three examples of hollowed-out watches.

Ulysse Nardin BLAST 1723-400-3A/00

Product Model: 1723-403-3A/00

Domestic public price: Y=372900

Watch Diameter: 45mm

Case Thickness: 13mm

Movement type: automatic

UN-172: Movement model

Case Material: Titanium/Ceramic

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Watch details: http://www.xbiao.com/yadian/79819/

Watch comments: Since its August 2020 launch, the Athens Blast Skeleton Tourbillon is very popular. We see watch-loving friends posting watches stickers on the forum from time to time. My favorite is his gray-and-white style. This color scheme is very sophisticated, but it also works well for sports. The watch’s case is made from white ceramic and has a titanium bezel. Two innovative materials combine to create a light and comfortable wear experience, even for watches with larger diameters (45 mm). The details of the casing are very sharp. Particularly the lugs, which were inspired by the stealth fighter, have a distinct design. The hollow dial’s design, with its superimposed three-dimensional geometrical X structure that spans the entire dial, makes for a beautiful perspective. A fluorescent coating is also applied to the hour markers. The watch’s movement is equipped with a UN172 self-winding skeleton-tourbillon movement. It has a silicon anchor escapement, balance spring, and a full-chain that can provide 72 hours of power reserve.

Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR SPDER series RDDBEX0829

Product Model: RDDBEX0829

Domestic public price: Y=355000

45mm Diameter for Watches

Case Thickness: 14mm

Model for movement: RD630

Material for the case: Titanium coated with black DLC

Waterproof depth: 50 meters

Watch details: http://www.xbiao.com/rogerdubuis/74769/

Review: Roger Dubuis  watch, also called the Maverick by its brand friends, was inspired from the Huracan model made by Lamborghini. Many of their favorite sports watches have chosen it as their watch friend. It is made from black DLC-coated titanium alloy and has a 45mm diameter. The titanium alloy is strong and resistant to corrosion, but lighter than steel. The silver-gray color of the metal becomes pure black after DLC treatment. This makes it even cooler, and is also enhanced with high wear characteristics. Maverick’s iconic hollow disc design is RD’s favorite. RD wants to just look at the watch as if he were looking through the transparent engine compartment in a supercar. The shape of the front intake grille is the inspiration for the two symmetrical shapes found in the middle section of the disk. This watch also has an X-shaped movement bridge at the center. It is also derived from Huracan’s V10 engine chamber connecting rod design. The watch’s movement is better appreciated by the hexagonal window that sits above the inclined 12-degree balance wheel. At 6 o’clock, there is a date display window at the bottom of the double barrel. The RD630 self-winding motor is a Huracan multi-spoke wheel. The lower main plate of the automatic rotor has a brake disc shape. Finally, the entire movement bridge plate was sandblasted with NAC coating treatment. The vibration frequency is 28,800 times. The full chain of double barrels gives 60 hours of dynamic storage. Waterproof performance is 50 meters. The strap is black and has an Alcantara(r), inlay on its outside.

Piaget PIAGET POLO series G0A46009

Product Model: G0A46009

Domestic public price: Y=347000

42mm Watch Diameter

Case Thickness: 6.25mm

Type of movement: Automatic winding

Model for movement: 1200S1

Case material: 18K rose gold

Watch details: http://www.xbiao.com/piaget/84026/

Comment on the watch: Let’s take a look at an oblvlo. You have seen this skeleton watch before. It has attracted more attention from watch enthusiasts since its launch. Ultra-thinness and hollow are two very important skills in watchmaking. The 18K rose gold case style was introduced in August 2013. It maintains a size of 42mm and a thickness only 6.5mm. The internal structure and beauty of the movement are clearly shown by the hollow dial that is cushion-shaped. Piaget modified the majority of the movement to be blue using PVD technology. It is stunning when combined with the gold case. This also highlights the hollow movement. It gives the watch a sense of hierarchy. Piaget 1200S self winding skeleton movement has a thickness of 2.5 mm. The watch is powered by an eccentric microrotor that provides a 44-hour reserve power when fully wound. It features a circular sun-ray pattern, matte polished movement gears, bridges, and bridges. It is notable for the fine chamfering of both the bridge and the splint, as well as the engraving of the Piaget family Crest on the micro-rotor. The strap is made of blue-toned alligator leather.